CS Palace Lisboa Hotel, Lisbon

Proudly re-emerging with the prominence and splendour that it enjoyed in times of old, CS Palace Lisboa Hotel invites you to discover modern-day Lisbon from within the walls that once witnessed Portugal’s glorious seafaring past.

Situated in the emblematic riverside district of Belém, once the epicentre of Portugal’s 16th century voyages of discovery and the site of Lisbon’s Golden Age architectural treasures, CS Palace Lisboa Hotel offers you exquisite accommodation in the beautifully restored 16th century palace that was home to the first commander of the iconic tower of Belém.

History seeps through the walls of this charismatic hotel, where reverence for the past is so masterfully juxtaposed with avant-garde design. Archaeological remains of Roman fish salting tanks that were unearthed during the careful restoration process are ingeniously incorporated into the architecture while the ultimate concept in indoor swimming pool design includes exposed views of part of the palace’s original foundations, bathed in natural light.

Excellent taste, quality furnishings and outstanding facilities, including a spa, meeting venues and charming gardens bordering a reflecting pool, enhance the grandeur and historical value of this building.

At CS Palace Lisboa Hotel, guests are invited to enjoy exceptional accommodation in surroundings that embody the very essence of Portugal.
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